Work with Emma

A bespoke solution for Emma to partner with you in your business to develop long-term sustainable growth, on a stable foundation of operations.

Emma has a wealth of experience in creating straightforward, easy to digest plans that deliver results and positively engage the people delivering them.

It begins with a deep dive into the current business and the vision for the future. Together with Emma you will work out what you require and how best to support you.

A 12-Week Program for Founders & Business Owners working directly with Emma. It includes a Dynamics Profile as the foundation to a deep dive into where your business is now, where you want to take it, and how best to achieve that.

Emma is an experienced, trusted business partner who will work with you to establish ways of working that bring efficiency and enthusiasm across your business.

Emma is excellent at translating the big picture into actionable plans for growth. At the end of the 12-Weeks you will have a clear path forward for you and your team.

Support beyond the 12-weeks is available if required.

A fast and highly impactful session to give you and your business a new hit of focus and enthusiasm. Complete a Wealth Dynamics assessment and receive a 90-minute de-brief and action plan session with Emma.

When understood and used effectively, Wealth Dynamics can be one of the most powerful tools you can use to bring clarity and direction to your entrepreneurial journey.

Find your flow, reclaim your time: When you understand your profile, you can plan your time to focus on what you love most and do best and know when to say no.  Doing this, your fulfilment and effectiveness goes up, and your stress and struggle go down. That’s what happens when you find your flow.

Clarify your natural path: Your profile is not a box to get stuck in, but a blueprint to guide you on your path. Each of the eight profiles have different playgrounds and different perspectives on the route. By knowing your natural path, you can know what role models to follow, what advice to take, and what advice to ignore.

Grow a high-performing team: Each of the eight profiles attracts, builds and leads in a different way. Having a high-performing team is the key to growing your business. Build the right team, with the right people in the right place by using Wealth Dynamics to know yourself, and then to know your team.

Accelerate financial success: At the heart of Wealth Dynamics is the wealth equation: Understanding how flow is created through value and leverage. Once you know how to create value and leverage it in your natural way, you can guide not just the flow of time, but the flow of money to nurture your financial success.

Achieve your true potential: How much do you currently believe you are achieving your true potential? Most of us are only achieving a fraction of what we are capable of. Using the entire system of Wealth Dynamics allows us to leverage our own value far more effectively, to make the difference we can in the world.

Emma’s energy and enthusiasm are contagious, she brings people together to do their best work as individuals and as a team. I would recommend working with Emma to anyone looking to strengthen their business and their employees.

Terri Ashton, Business Development Manager, San Francisco