The Rebel Flock

Lead by building a sense of belonging

This is my website.  I am Emma, a leader who believes in the importance of connection as the foundation to effective, and inspiring leadership.  Connection to self, to nature and to each other. 

The Rebel Flock is the community of pro- feminine leaders redefining leadership through similar curiosity and connection.  Setting the stage to celebrate differences and leverage the value they bring to our teams, our lives and society.   

Across my career I have had the honour of nurturing and leading teams of wonderful diverse, amazing human beings for premium and luxury British brands within the UK and globally.  My strength and passion is in fostering an approach to leadership that is true to each individual enabling world-class professionals to thrive through a balanced approach to leadership that inspires the people around them.    

“To be able to lead you must accept that not everyone can be put in a box.  To have the best team you need variety.  Variety of skill, of perspective, and of experience.  Yet to lead that team successfully you must know yourself intimately, so that you might truly know your team.  You have to learn to work with approaches unlike your own.  You have to learn to embrace our glorious variety in order to leverage it”

Me, Emma


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