Creating Community, Connection & Celebration for Business & Remote Workers Sprouted In Small Towns & Rural Communities.

The Rebel Flock is two things. It is the lifestyle businesses based outside of the ‘Big Smoke’, showcasing that creativity, style and design is 100% the realm of the rural environment. And it is the coming together of the people who own and work in these fabulous businesses.

The Rebel Flock exists for two reasons. To shine a light on these marvelous businesses, to share their stories and inspire a brighter future by drawing more support and opportunity outside of major urban hubs. And to provide connection, community and collaboration amongst the businesses to ensure no-one, no matter how remote need ever feel isolated and alone in their venture.

We know that great business exists beyond the boundaries of urban space

We believe that nature, the great outdoors, the countryside, that it inspires the greatest beauty of all

Emma is a long time fan of independent, local and especially rural business. In her corporate life she used to drive people a little mad, insisting that she stay in the local independent hotel, dined at the local restaurant and avoided Starbucks like the plague in favour of whichever independent coffee shop she could find to fuel her through the day.

While a supporter of local business at heart, she also understands the relationship between large and smaller business and how the two can work in harmony for mutual growth. Which is why alongside championing and supporting local business, she supports larger business to do better by their smaller counterparts.

Emma loves discovering new independents on her travels. And whether working or simply exploring, wherever Emma goes her superpower is enthusing people at the heart of what she is doing.

What’s On Offer

Emma still works with a variety of multi-channel lifestyle brands of all sizes, more information can be found by booking a complimentary call or viewing her services page via the link to the right under ‘work with Emma’. And you can find out more about Emma personally via the link directly below here!

Complimentary Calls

Have 30 minutes on me. Bring a challenge, brainstorm it or share your story about your business so we can feature it.

Work with Emma

Emma offers a variety of support to business if you’d like to learn more visit her services page via the link below


Explore perspectives on business and meet some of the brands I love.

“I believe that some of the best business arises out of rural environments. They are not only wildly successful in their own right, they are loyal to their roots, becoming the heart of community and just like nature itself they are supremely resilient and creative.”

Founder, Emma


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