The Rebel Flock

Hey there!

I’m Emma Davies, I have been creating The Rebel Flock over the last 4 years as I’ve moved from the UK to Canada, following a three year stint in the US. I feel it’s important to add that the UK will forever be my home, as much as I love where I live at the moment.   

What I do for ‘work’, is build, nurture and lead amazing teams of people.  I feel very blessed to be able to do this.  

I have realized I love to learn.  I am a life-long learning addict, currently studying AI, I have completed a disruptive online MBA, I have coaching and leadership certifications, systemic constellations training (I didn’t know what it was before I did it either) and 500 hours of yoga and meditation teacher training, and I’m re-learning Italian on Duolingo too.  From becoming a freelance executive, writer, and yoga teacher, to setting up a business in Canada, working in the corporate and not-for-profit sectors, I’ve learned the importance of adaptability and resilience in the face of change and adversity. 

How does this relate to The Rebel Flock and the community I am building here? Well, it means I  embody a unique blend of business skills and experience along with holistic wisdom.  I have also had the privilege of working and travelling across the globe to experience different approaches to business and life.  As a result of this I have a very holistic and effective approach to how organizations should function, and I understand the real foundations of effective organizational leadership for the future.  Meaning if you believe that people are truly the heart of an organization, that the experience of being at ‘work’ should be a positive one for all then you’re in the right place. I know that when organizations keep an eye on and plan for the long-game (patience), structure their working practices as the foundation for high-performing teams (getting along), they will build deep a true community of care (belonging) where the teams inside and the stakeholders/customers outside of the organization are so committed to its success it can only succeed.  

your views and my approach may be at odds with the traditional approach to how business and organizations are meant to run, however, the people of today are already calling for a new approach, and the team members of the future will demand it.  So you’re correct to focus on really putting people at the heart of what you do, that will ensure your organization has the foundations to be around well into the future. 

Outside of my work I’m a nature enthusiast, a wonder seeker, and a food lover. You might catch me running on trails, hiking in breathtaking landscapes, or striking a yoga pose.  I deeply believe in the power of our surroundings to impact how we feel and perform, which is why the great outdoors and my home, designed to lift my spirits, are my sanctuaries. Exploring local independent gems is my passion, sod Starbucks give me No9 Coffee shop in Lunenburg, Canada or The Bookshop in Hereford, UK any day. I believe in style and dressing to make yourself happy instead of ‘fashion’. I love art, song, creativity and crafts.  

I’m not just a business woman; I’m a believer in the magic of collaboration and commitment to a shared vision.  I believe that patience, belonging and getting along are virtues applicable to businesses of all size.  It’s not about the size of the organization, it’s not about whether it’s for profit or not for profit.  It’s about valuing people and planet, and striving for a better future for all. 

I’m also a firm advocate for personal development.  It’s odd to me, that I’ve never discovered an educational system (please someone tell me I’m wrong though) that encourages us in our formative years to be curious, to question our beliefs and learn to separate what is ours vs what are the beliefs we adopted inadvertently from society at large and the specific place in which we grew up.  Through my Yoga and Meditation practice, I’ve delved into practices that promote mindfulness, curiosity and self-inquiry to find inner balance. I now enjoy questioning myself, calling myself out on the things I do that are not ideal, and it’s shaped my approach to work and relationships. I love to keep personal-development on the quirky side of things, to explore alternative approaches for the understanding of ourselves and others.  The two core foundations to building empathy, compassion and care, which underpin our ability to get along with others, build inclusive community and lead effectively. 

A person that genuinely cares for those they impact will be cared for. A business that clearly demonstrates care to their teams, will be cared for. And when there is reciprocal care between an organization and the people it impacts, it’s potential for success is magnified. 

Through The Rebel Flock I want to help those amazing leaders and future leaders out there make Getting Along, Inclusive Community and Patience the Business Arts of the Future.



What People Say

Emma is an outstanding leader, combining natural commercial instincts with a drive for results, balanced with a genuine passion for team development. Able to think both strategically and tactically, she is great at sharing a clear vision as well as defining how to get there.

Jo Rance, on-demand CMO

Emma is a uniquely talented individual who will add value to any business. From experience and intuition Emma has an innate ability to understand the dynamics and pressure points of the team, she time and again created clarity of team direction, team unity and most importantly results for the business. 

Neil Anderson, former CEO Silentnight

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