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Hey there!

I’m Emma Davies, your friendly advocate on the entrepreneurial adventure.

With a background in Multi-Channel business, coaching and leadership certifications, and a deep dive into 500 hours of yoga and meditation teacher training, I embody a unique blend of business savvy and holistic wisdom. I’ve danced through the diverse business landscapes of the UK, US, and Canada, soaking in the cultures and turning challenges into opportunities.

From becoming a freelance executive, writer, and yoga teacher, to setting up a business in Canada I’ve learned the importance of adaptability and perseverance in the face of change. I’ve been a Vice President of Sales in LA, managing high-performing teams and driving sales strategies across retail & wholesale, and I’ve shaped positive cultures in various places around the world.

In the midst of all this, I’m a nature enthusiast, a wonder seeker, and a food lover. You might catch me running on trails, hiking in breathtaking landscapes, or striking a yoga pose; the great outdoors is my sanctuary. Exploring local independent gems is my passion, and I believe that our physical surroundings profoundly impact our mindset and performance. I believe in style and individuality above fashion. I marvel in the creativity of self-expression witnessed on this planet, and within businesses that I’ve worked with. My home, my hair, my clothes are all part of my self-expression. My home is my sanctuary, a place to relax and energize me ready to jump back out into the world and share my enthusiasm for local and rural business far and wide.

My heart lies in fostering connections and collaborating with others for mutual success. I’ve spent 15 years crafting clothing, interior, and lifestyle brands born out of the British Countryside across continents, always championing the unique spirit of local businesses I’ve worked with along the way. I’m not just a business woman; I’m a believer in the magic of collaboration and commitment to a shared vision.

But beyond the business buzz, I’m a firm advocate for self-care and personal growth. Through my Yoga and Meditation practice, I’ve delved into practices that promote mindfulness and inner balance. These practices have not only enriched my life but also shaped my approach to work and relationships. Fear not, I don’t go all woo woo with my clients (unless that’s their jam too of course), I do find there is great value to be taken from an appreciation of the natural cycle of things and the application of this approach to life and business.

For me, the essence of success lies in authenticity and genuine connections. I believe in caring for ourselves and each other, creating a ripple effect of positivity. A person or business that genuinely cares for those they impact while not losing sight of who they are and what they need, will be cared for. When the people a business or an individual impacts care about their success then that success is amplified and longevity is established.

Through The Rebel Flock I want to spread the word of the amazing businesses I have encountered and will continue to encounter, if you are one such business and you want to chat something through or are happy to do a short interview to feature on my page then book a call and lets chat!

You made it this far. So here’s some random pictures of me, Em.

What People Say

Emma is an outstanding leader, combining natural commercial instincts with a drive for results, balanced with a genuine passion for team development. Able to think both strategically and tactically, she is great at sharing a clear vision as well as defining how to get there.

Jo Rance, on-demand CMO

Emma is a uniquely talented individual who will add value to any business. From experience and intuition Emma has an innate ability to understand the dynamics and pressure points of the team, she time and again created clarity of team direction, team unity and most importantly results for the business. 

Neil Anderson, former CEO Silentnight

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