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Meet 80 Noir Ultra – the Purpose-Driven Chocolate Brand

I have been a big fan of chocolate for as long as I can remember. That said, I can happily confess that my early obsession was purely with its taste and the sweeter the better.

It was later in life as I got interested in the implications of what we eat on how we feel and function that my tastes became more refined and aware.

Quality Dark Chocolate focused on using quality Cacao, which is the raw product of chocolate, with minimal other ingredients contains a wealth of benefits including:

As with all foods even Dark Chocolate should be consumed in moderation but it is a mighty fine experiment replacing your morning and afternoon caffeine hit with a quality Dark Chocolate drink and notice the results. If you’re a heavy caffeine consumer (I was a builders tea addict) admittedly it may feel a little groggy before it starts to feel better, so it’s important to give it a few weeks, but it’s got to be one of the most enjoyable swaps it’s possible to make in life!

If you fancy running your own hot chocolate experiment to replace some of your caffeine you can’t do better than 80 Noir Ultra. 80 Noir Ultra ensure all additional ingredients are supportive rather than distracting from the benefits of chocolate in its purest form. It must be good since they have a host of professional athletes, ultra-marathon runners and other epicly healthy and fit people who drink the drink and eat their energy bars.

I’d keep talking but I can hear the 80 Noir calling me from downstairs.