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Okay, so the theory was that micro-blogs would focus on brands we love, this however, is a not to be missed. And it made me realise that this section is indeed prime for sharing a much wider array of things we love.

Without further adieu I come back to Cunk On Earth. I wasn’t aware of the work of mockumentary presenter Philomena Cunk before Cunk on Earth hit Netflix, and I am delighted to have made her acquaintance. This short series was truly laugh-out-loud stuff.

I am a firm believer that a lot can be gained from not taking ourselves too seriously, and that we can shift perspectives and learn a lot through humour and a light heart. The blunt, dry nature by which Philomena Cunk calls out the absurdities of humanity is truly hilarious even when it is worryingly on point.

From the Stone Age through to the Social Media age Cunk provides a short, snappy, playful overview of how humanity as a species has grown and evolved, with a pointed focus on the questionable downsides of the advancements we’ve made. Watch from an open-minded, judgement-free head space and let the laughs roll.