The Rebel Flock

Sitting on the Fence: The Philosophical Wisdom of a Leader

As leaders, we often find ourselves faced with difficult decisions, torn between opposing viewpoints and conflicting perspectives. In these moments, it can be tempting to choose a side and stick to our guns. However, there is a profound philosophical wisdom in embracing the concept of sitting on the fence as a leader. It allows us […]

The Journey Within And The Power Of Questioning Yourself First

In the fast-paced, often misconstrued world of leadership, where every decision carries weight and every action has some impact, the importance of self-discovery often takes a back seat. The truth however is that becoming the best leader you can be starts not in the boardroom, but within yourself. Here, we delve into the profound connection […]

Cunk On Earth

A chance to look at the evolution of humanity through a lens of humour. With particular focus on ways not to lead and the shortfalls of our personal and collective growth.

Avoid It Like The Plague

Is there something you’re avoiding? There is one major thing that 99% of the population avoid and yet its acceptance could set you free

Articles I’ve Written Elsewhere

In my transition of moving from the UK to Canada I ended up writing a few articles for different publications. I might write more one day, but for now I am sharing these for your perusal should you wish to browse whilst sipping on a nice cup of tea. I wrote a short series on […]