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Unlocking Success: How Collaboration Trumps Competition for Ambitious SMEs

Discover the power of collaboration in SME business. Learn how collaborative working and leadership can foster innovation, enhance learning, build relationships, solve complex problems, improve efficiency, promote diversity, adapt to change, boost creativity, and create shared goals. Embrace collaboration for a successful future.

Avoid It Like The Plague

Is there something you’re avoiding? There is one major thing that 99% of the population avoid and yet its acceptance could set you free

Discipline: The Greatest Form of Self Care

I first heard this statement from my Yoga teacher (this fine person). It took me a moment to realise it was bang on. Then I felt compelled to reflect on my own discipline or lack thereof. Much to my surprise I was pleasantly pleased with what I discovered. In deciding to make the move to […]

Articles I’ve Written Elsewhere

In my transition of moving from the UK to Canada I ended up writing a few articles for different publications. I might write more one day, but for now I am sharing these for your perusal should you wish to browse whilst sipping on a nice cup of tea. I wrote a short series on […]

Why You Should Be A Small Fish In A Big Pond: Advocating for Local, Independent Business

This article celebrates the power and impact of local, independent businesses, highlighting their role in fostering economic equity, regenerative practices, and stronger communities. It emphasizes the value of independent, SME, and rural-based businesses in creating a holistic wealth that goes beyond finances, inspiring a shift towards collaborative and purpose-driven business models for a brighter future and greater societal equity.