The Rebel Flock

In my transition of moving from the UK to Canada I ended up writing a few articles for different publications. I might write more one day, but for now I am sharing these for your perusal should you wish to browse whilst sipping on a nice cup of tea.

I wrote a short series on the Four Foundations of Transformation – sometimes I utilise my own advice, I could probably have benefited from taking my own advice a bit more in the last 18 months, but hey.

I have an autoimmune condition known as Hashimoto’s which affects my Thyroid. To support my own health I experimented with what foods make me feel good vs which ones were givng me insane eczema that made me want to scratch my own skin off, and a stomach so bloated I look 8 months pregnant, it turns out that was gluten and dairy. As a an avid cake lover this shock took me heavily down the rabbit hole into the wonderland of allergen friendly baking – here’s some of what I found and here is a little more.

As a woman in business I also wrote an article for Dynamic magazine which focuses on women in leadership, due to some confusion my Four Foundations of Transformation got a second outing, but they also published my article on Feminine Leadership (page 14-15)

You can also explore my other blog Hyblyg (meaning flexible or versatile in Welsh), which has been hibernating for a couple of years, but contains the adventures of my time living in Los Angeles through to my initial move to Canada. Again, reading back over my last few posts, there was some sage advice that I lost sight of in the last 18 months or so. I feel that new writing on this beauty is on the horizon. I love the freedom of writing for writings sake with no agenda or purpose!

I wrote a piece on Yoga for a blog but I’ll be darned if I can find it right now.

So this list may grow depending if I decide to do more writing; we shall see!