Cunk On Earth

A chance to look at the evolution of humanity through a lens of humour. With particular focus on ways not to lead and the shortfalls of our personal and collective growth.

The Potion

You May Not Believe It’s Natural Skincare: But It Is! Ever since I began my own research into easing, with the ultimate aim of healing an autoimmune disease, I have been researching natural skincare as part of my efforts to clean up what my body is consuming. Formally arriving in Canada in 2022 I went […]

The Green Vanity

Beauty that is beyond skin deep in Kelowna, BC I first discovered The Green Vanity a few years ago and became an avid fan for multiple reasons. Over the years I had accumulated quite the multitude of products that the skincare industry told me I needed, so I would look ‘better’. With Nikki’s help I’m […]